2023 in Review: Wallester’s Achievements of the Year

2023 in Review: Wallester’s Achievements of the Year

Riding the wave of our recently published article about last year’s product developments, we’re thrilled to present a deeper dive into Wallester’s overall achievements of 2023.

The year 2023 was not only filled with innovation for us; it was a time when our core values of focusing on the customer and continuously striving for excellence were displayed prominently. This year highlighted our commitment to developing leading-edge financial technology and fortifying our company’s core – our team, our processes, and our vision for the future of the payment industry as a whole. 

We warmly invite you to join us in looking back as we celebrate the milestones of our company and the progress we’ve made in expanding our presence in the fintech industry.

Teamwork: a testament to collaboration and innovation

In the spirit of teamwork, Wallester witnessed an exceptional growth trajectory in 2023. The year was characterized by a fourfold increase in client growth, underscoring our ability to meet diverse financial needs and foster lasting relationships with our clients. This surge was not just a number but an echo of the trust and confidence reposed in us across the globe.

The launch of 24 successful white-label projects was truly a highlight of the year, showcasing our prowess in delivering tailored financial solutions. Among these, our collaboration with KuCoin is perhaps the most technologically innovative, while our partnership with Latvian Post marked our very first governmental project.

Moreover, we made significant advances in mobile financial solutions, launching two white-labelled applications for our clients. These aren’t just apps; they are reflections of our commitment to providing intuitive, user-centric solutions that adapt to the ever-changing demands of the digital era.

Finance: a year of remarkable growth

2023 also marked a year of financial achievements for Wallester. We celebrated more than doubling our revenue, a clear indicator of the strength and effectiveness of our business strategy and our relentless commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients.

Equally noteworthy was the doubling of transaction volume with Wallester-issued cards. This surge is not just a statistic; it embodies a deepening trust and growing reliance on our innovative financial products and services. What matters is that our clients are not just using our services but are increasingly integrating them into their everyday financial activities.

Expansion: extending our global footprint

Last year marked a pivotal point in Wallester’s global presence. We proudly opened a new office in Valbonne, France, extending our reach into one of Europe’s key financial markets. Embracing the rich diversity of European cultures, we’ve expanded our client communication capabilities to include French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, adding to our existing proficiency in English and Estonian. Furthermore, we’ve taken a significant step in making our services more accessible and tailored to individual needs by making our website and online platform available in 16 languages. This multilingual approach is a step towards providing more personalized and accessible services to our clients across Europe.

Growth: strengthening our core

By the end of 2023, we experienced a 67% increase in our team size, welcoming a wealth of new talent onboard. This team expansion exhibits our commitment to nurturing a diverse, skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and growth. An honourable mention goes to Aivar Paul, who joined us as the new Chief AML Officer and a member of the Management Board, bringing valuable experience and expertise to our leadership team.

Merch: celebrating with our community

In 2023, we also focused on strengthening our community bonds. In a gesture of gratitude and celebration, we gifted over 10,000 pieces of exclusive Wallester merchandise to our community. This initiative was more than just a distribution of merchandise; it was a celebration of our shared journey and a token of our appreciation for the unwavering support of our clients and partners.

Partners: trust and recognition

2023 also saw Wallester earn trust and acclaim from a broad client base, reflected in the glowing reviews by over 1000 companies. This achievement is highlighted by impressive scores on user review platforms such as Capterra and G2, earning 4.8/5 on both. This feedback underlines our pledge to deliver exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Networking: forging connections and building partnerships

Our networking efforts reached new heights in 2023 as we actively participated in 16 global conferences, including prominent events like Money 20/20, where we joined hands with the Estonian Entrepreneur Community, showcasing our collaborative spirit. Our sponsorship of the RIGA COMM 2023 demonstrates our commitment to fostering industry-wide connections and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Events like Affiliate World Europe and Seamless Europe 2023 also provided us with invaluable opportunities to network, share insights, and build strategic partnerships to propel us into the future.

Achievements: a year of honourable accolades

In 2023, Wallester’s commitment to excellence was further validated through several prestigious awards and achievements. The company was honoured with the Fintech Breakthrough Award, recognizing Wallester Business as the “Best Expense Management Platform 2023.” Additionally, AWS selected Wallester for a case study in their “SMB Security Campaign,” showcasing our innovative approaches to security. This year also saw us achieve PCI DSS Level 1 certification, a testament to our stringent data security standards. Moreover, our efforts and impact in the financial sector were acknowledged as Wallester joined the ranks of Estonia’s top three financial institutions.

Charting new horizons with Wallester

As 2024 progresses, we at Wallester reflect on 2023 with a sense of considerable accomplishment. The past year was a giant leap in our quest to redefine the world of financial technology, with each of our achievements bringing us closer and closer to the goal. 

The fintech industry is constantly evolving, and so are we. As your trusted partner, Wallester is committed to continuous innovation, ensuring our solutions meet and exceed your expectations. Launch your own White-Label payment infrastructure with us as we continue to set new standards in the fintech landscape. Embrace the future with us, and be part of this exciting journey of growth and innovation.

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