Top 3 FinTech Events of 2024: Unveiling the Future of Payments with Wallester

Top 3 FinTech Events of 2024: Unveiling the Future of Payments with Wallester

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in the payment industry is more crucial than ever. It’s all about staying sharp, making the right connections, and keeping an eye on the future. And what better way to do this than by diving into the heart of the action at some of the most exciting events of 2024? Here are three events that will rock the world of fintech, e-commerce, and payment solution enthusiasts and professionals this year.

Let’s go on a tour of these can’t-miss gatherings, where innovation meets opportunity, and the future of payments begins to unfold:


March 19-20 | London, United Kingdom

Imagine a place where the brightest minds, cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking ideas come together. That’s PAY360, happening in London. It’s not just another conference; it’s where the next big things in payment solutions start. Picture this: over 120 speakers and 4,000 attendees, including top names from merchant companies and over 200 VIPs. PAY360 is where conversations on the future of payments ignite, covering everything from new regulations to the latest tech wonders.

Money20/20 Europe

June 4-6 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

The next stop is Amsterdam for Money20/20 Europe. This is where the visionaries, startups, and industry giants gather to sketch the future of money. Beyond banking and payments, the discussions leap into digital banking, cryptocurrency breakthroughs, and more. With over 6,000 participants, Money20/20 Europe is a powerhouse, sparking change and setting the stage for the next big shifts in financial services.

Seamless Europe

September 10-11 | Munich, Germany

Rounding off our list is Seamless Europe in Munich, a unique fusion of insights into retail, e-commerce, payments, and fintech. This event is a 360-degree view of the interconnected digital economy, boasting 200+ exhibitors and 400 speakers. It’s the place to be for a comprehensive look at the digital commerce and payment industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Why do these events matter to you? First, they’re unbeatable networking hubs. Whether you’re a startup eyeing investors, a fintech seeking bank collaborations, or an innovator looking to meet regulators, these events are where future partnerships are born. Second, they’re innovation incubators showcasing the latest in blockchain, AI in banking, and other technologies set to redefine payments.

For Wallester, these events are a key opportunity to engage deeply with the payment industry’s ecosystem, meet with our community, share insights, and contribute to pivotal discussions. We’re excited to attend and play a significant role in the dialogues that will shape the future of payments. Meet us there to explore how we can drive the industry forward together.

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