Latvijas Pasts and Wallester AS Partner to Revolutionise the Financial Services Industry in Latvia!

Latvijas PASTS x Wallester

Latvijas Pasts and Wallester AS have recently partnered to introduce a new financial services product set to change the game in the industry. With Latvijas Pasts’ reputation for innovation and Wallester’s cutting-edge technology, this collaboration has resulted in the introduction of in-app virtual and physical Visa cards and a mobile banking application, “Latvijas Pasts Pay.”

Latvijas Pasts has been Latvia’s primary state-owned postal service provider since 1992. In addition to postal services, it offers various financial and digital solutions, including e-commerce and parcel machine services. This collaboration demonstrates Latvijas Pasts’ commitment to innovation and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers in the digital age.

Through the newly launched Visa cards and mobile banking application, users can make quick and easy payments without leaving the comfort of their homes. The application is user-friendly, and Latvijas Pasts Pay is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Wallester, the official Visa card provider for Latvijas Pasts, is proud to have been selected for this significant opportunity. The team put in a lot of effort to create an easy-to-use mobile app and design branded virtual and physical cards that cater to the needs and preferences of their partner. With this partnership, Wallester has gained invaluable knowledge and experience working alongside a respected and established institution.

According to Sergei Astafjev, the CEO of Wallester, the partnership between Wallester and Latvian Pasts has expanded the horizons of the financial sector in Latvia. He shared that the collaboration has opened up new opportunities for the financial industry to provide innovative technologies and leading-edge solutions to the people of Latvia, expressing the following:  

By highlighting the transformative potential of this collaboration, Sergei Astafjev’s statement underscores the value of the partnership between Wallester and Latvijas Pasts in enhancing the financial services industry and promoting technological advancement in Latvia.

By working together, Latvijas Pasts and Wallester can better serve their consumers by utilizing innovative technology and creative ideas. Our collaboration will significantly improve the quality of life for Latvian citizens as they get access to the latest technologies, making their lives easier.

With the most recent technology developments, Latvijas Pasts and Wallester have substantially contributed to the financial services sector. This is indeed the partnership of the decade, and the convenience and ease of managing financial transactions with Latvijas Pasts Pay are something that people should experience. It is just the beginning of what they can achieve together.

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