Expanding Cryptocurrency Spending Options with Wallester & Connectee

Expanding Cryptocurrency Spending Options with Wallester & Connectee

We’re delighted to announce our newest collaboration with Connectee, a forward-thinking cryptocurrency company and fellow Estonian fintech! This partnership marks yet another step in our mission to bridge the gap between digital assets and everyday spending as we help launch Connectee’s groundbreaking card program.

Licensed in the EU as a crypto services provider, Connectee is on a mission to redefine how people manage cryptocurrency by offering secure, intuitive, and lightning-fast crypto services. With a focus on convenience, they empower users to buy, sell, and exchange over 14 popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and others. With a simple and streamlined conversion process, this platform is on its way to becoming a favorite among European crypto users!  In collaboration with Wallester, Connectee is now taking crypto spending to the next level by allowing their users to spend their crypto using a dedicated debit card.

The power of Connectee’s Visa Debit card 💳

Powered by Wallester’s seamless card-issuing solutions, Connectee unveils its new Visa Classic Debit card, available in both virtual and physical forms. This powerful tool opens up a world of possibilities for crypto holders:

  • Effortless spending: Use your cryptocurrency for everyday purchases, online and in-store, thanks to instant crypto-to-fiat conversions.
  • User-centric design: Conveniently manage your card and funds through Connectee’s intuitive web portal, designed for convenient crypto management.
  • Peace of mind: Connectee’s commitment to security extends to this card program, ensuring your assets are protected using the most stringent EU regulations.

Expanding financial horizons

This partnership between Estonian fintech pioneers Wallester and Connectee signifies more than just a card launch – it’s a testament to the growing integration of cryptocurrency into mainstream finance. We’re proud to provide the infrastructure that makes this innovation possible.

Join us in celebrating this exciting initiative and explore how Connectee’s Visa Debit card can make cryptocurrency work for you!

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