Overcoming Common Media Buying Challenges with Wallester Business


When purchasing media for online advertising campaigns, time is of the essence. There’s no room for delays when bidding on ad space or making real-time campaign adjustments. However, unforeseen obstacles often pop up, particularly during payment processing.

The Wallester Business, a versatile payment platform, simplifies purchase processing by offering advanced virtual card issuing capabilities alongside an innovative payment infrastructure. Whether you’re dealing with new card payments, navigating 3DS authentication, or aiming for seamless transactions, Wallester Business provides tailored solutions for your advertising department’s needs.

Challenges of new cards

In the fiercely competitive digital advertising industry, companies constantly vie for the most impactful ad placements to reach their target audience. Advertisers frequently find themselves racing against the clock to secure prime ad spots on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and TikTok, striving to complete the payment process swiftly. However, online advertising platforms often disrupt this process by rejecting new cards. These interruptions can throw entire campaigns off course, making this issue a top priority to resolve.

Card rejection causes and consequences

New cards may face rejection for various reasons, with the primary cause being the anti-fraud measures implemented by digital platforms. While these measures are essential for security, they often flag new cards as risky, particularly if they lack a transaction history. Other issues, such as mismatched names or billing details, can also trigger rejection. When a business frequently replaces or uses multiple cards to pay for campaigns, the likelihood of rejection increases.

Card rejections are frustrating and result in wasted time, often leading to missed opportunities to secure optimal ad placements. Working to resolve these rejections adds unnecessary complexity to the media buying process.

Wallester’s solution: unique BINs 

Recognising the importance of this issue, Wallester Business offers a robust solution through its advanced virtual card issuing service. Prioritising ease and efficiency, Wallester ensures that new cards are accepted across various advertising platforms. The platform’s trusted unique bank identification numbers (BINs) enhance credibility and security, significantly reducing the likelihood of rejection. This flexibility is invaluable in an environment where one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short.

By addressing BIN-related card rejection issues, advertisers can focus on what truly matters – creating and executing effective ad campaigns. This positive impact underscores Wallester Business’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Simplifying 3DS authentication with Wallester Business

3D Secure (3DS) authentication is a common feature in online payments, designed to provide an additional security layer for credit and debit card transactions. However, the process typically involves several steps, including entering a one-time password (OTP), which can disrupt the flow of quick and efficient media purchases. This poses a challenge for advertisers working against tight deadlines, often resulting in delays or transaction failures.

Customised 3DS methods

Wallester Business has revolutionised 3DS authentication by integrating advanced technology and user-centric design. Cardholders can choose trusted sites where transactions will not require 3DS, ensuring a smoother process and minimising disruptions and delays when purchasing. 

This approach demonstrates Wallester’s commitment to providing practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of digital advertisers. By removing the roadblocks caused by default 3DS authentication methods, Wallester Business empowers advertisers to focus on successful advertising campaigns.

API integration

The evolution of digital advertising requires creativity in campaign design and innovation in financial tools used for media buying. Another standout feature of Wallester Business is the flexibility of Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

API integration enables businesses to implement Wallester’s payment services directly into their existing systems, creating an efficient payment process. Advertisers can automate and customise their payment processes, aligning them closely with their specific campaign needs and objectives.

The combination of unique BINs and API integration offers numerous benefits for digital advertisers, including higher acceptance rates, customised payment solutions, and streamlined operations.

Wallester Business consistently enhances its offerings to improve the user experience. Clients can access additional products and services directly through the intuitive Client Portal, making it easier to integrate supplementary solutions and fostering connection with Client Relationship Managers.

Advantages of Wallester Business: merchant whitelisting and unlimited card issuing

Financial transactions must be flexible to be effective in online media buying. Wallester Business stands out with its groundbreaking features, including the whitelisting solution and unlimited card issuing.


Whitelisting plays a central role in online payments, marking certain transactions or payment methods as trusted to reduce the likelihood of rejection. Whitelisting enables users to choose specific sites where 3DS authentication is unnecessary, allowing transactions to occur seamlessly on trusted domains without additional verification steps.

Card issuing

Unlimited card issuing gives businesses the flexibility to issue unlimited virtual cards instantly. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing multiple advertising campaigns across various platforms, enabling better budget control and scalability.

The impact on online media buying

The combination of free whitelisting and unlimited card issuing streamlines online media buying, offering advertisers convenience and efficiency. These features save time and reduce the administrative burden of managing online transactions.

Wallester Business is your partner in overcoming media buying challenges. Harness these innovative solutions to streamline your advertising efforts and embrace the future of media buying!


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