Empowering Ühisarveldused AS: Wallester’s Innovative Card Program

Empowering Ühisarveldused AS: Wallester’s Innovative Card Program

Wallester and Ühisarveldused AS joined forces to improve the payment experience for Estonians. We are excited to announce that Estonia’s reliable for-profit financial cooperative institution, Ühisarveldused AS, now offers branded Visa Classic Debit cards for added convenience.

We are thrilled to provide this opportunity to all people living in Estonia, and this partnership will bring many positive changes in the payment experience. 

Ühisarveldused AS: A Brief History

Ühisarveldused AS is one of Estonia’s oldest and largest cooperative financial institutions. It was founded in 1902 by Jaan Tõnisson, a distinguished Estonian politician and journalist, in Tartu, a historic city in southern Estonia. The credit union offered various services to its members, such as investments, deposits, loans, leasing, and financial consultation. By 1940, it had grown to over 5,000 members but ceased operations in 1941. 

After over six decades of inactivity, Ühisarveldused was restored in 2006 by Andro Roos, a visionary entrepreneur and social activist. Since then, Ühisarveldused has been at the forefront of the cooperative movement in Estonia, inspiring the creation of many other credit cooperatives across the country. Ühisarveldused provides its members with innovative and convenient solutions for their financial needs, such as branded Visa debit cards. 

We are proud to partner with Ühisarveldused and support its mission of empowering people and communities.

Exciting Opportunities for Ühisarveldused Clients:

With Wallester’s expertise in payment cards, the credit union’s clients can enjoy the benefits of having a flexible and secure account and debit card. Depending on their preferences and needs, they can choose between physical or virtual cards and use them to make easy payments in over 200 countries worldwide. Branded cards are the most convenient payment method, allowing individuals to manage their funds easily and access various features and offers.

Final Words 

Wallester’s team is delighted to see the new achievements of our esteemed partner, Ühisarveldused AS, one of Estonia’s oldest and largest cooperative financial institutions. We look forward to continuing our partnership and providing new, exciting solutions for their members and communities.

Are you excited about the success of Ühisarveldused and new opportunities for their clients? 

Contact us if you are ready to get your branded payment card program. 

Wallester’s team is happy to create a tailored solution for your case.

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