White-Label app – online banking under your own brand

White-Label app – online banking under your own brand

The choice of payment fintech solutions for modern business is a complex and responsible process. It is necessary to consider such factors as product customization for the goals and needs of the company, the nuances of implementation into the existing IT system, and ensuring the proper level of cybersecurity. If you want to handle this task in the shortest time possible, you can use the white label services provided by Wallester. We are talking not only about the issuance of payment cards but also about the launch of a mobile application – under the client’s own brand!

To date, Wallester has created mobile products for both popular operating systems – iOS and Android, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The app is an entirely ready-to-use product with extensive functionality and an intuitive interface. Consider the key features and advantages of the development:

Full access to all card operations

In the application, the user can access all the functions that a particular card type is equipped with (VISA Gold, Platinum, Signature, or Infinite).

Informative dashboard

At any time, the cardholder can get detailed information about recent transactions and current balance and receive system notifications.

Simple cost analysis

The application records data on each money transfer, allowing it to download reports from any time frame.

Convenient limit management

Daily and monthly spending limits, as well as ATM withdrawals, can be adjusted in the app. You can also disable contactless payments and block purchases via the Internet.

Ordering cards in the application

The user can order physical and virtual cards directly in the application and activate them.

Several tools ensure the security of using the Wallester mobile application: PIN and 3D-Secure settings, freezing the card with its subsequent activation, linking it to a digital wallet, and deleting it if necessary.

The Wallester mobile app makes working with finances straightforward and convenient. A white label application effectively increases the loyalty of your customers, employees, and partners!

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