Wallester Business Portal Introduces a Brand New Interface Design for Enhanced User Experience

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Tired of dealing with clunky and outdated payment systems? Say hello to the new and improved Wallester Business Portal – your one-stop shop for all things payments. With its sleek redesign and constantly growing list of powerful features, managing your payments has never been easier.

We are committed to providing innovative technologies, and Wallester Business serves as an excellent example of this commitment. It is the ultimate solution for all your payment needs, from card issuance and expense management to custom payroll programs and seamless integration via a user-friendly REST API.

Today, we’re excited to explore the Wallester Business platform, examine its key features and updates, and share some tips and tricks for an optimal experience.

The platform is handy and cost-effective. 

Wallester Business — is a forward-thinking payment infrastructure offering unrivalled control over essential features like: 

  • unlimited instant card issuance via platform or mobile application, 
  • real-time payment authorisation, 
  • expense tracking, 
  • seamless REST API integration with diverse platforms, 
  • and the option to personalise additional financial services according to your business requirements. 

Let’s see what happens after you complete the registration and get onboard: 

Dashboard – Access account and sub-account information, set daily or monthly limits, grant access to authorised individuals, and download spending reports.

Accounts – this section is specifically dedicated to your spending management by category; for example, if you have an SME and would like to set a specific budget for your marketing or logistics department and assign different people for your departments’ spending. After the quick verification process, your people can also issue cards within assigned subaccounts for business needs and transparent spending.

Expense Cards – Monitor all cards linked to your account, issue new cards, grant access, set limits, and freeze or delete cards as needed.

Payroll Cards – Designed for those who make payments to their team. You can invite employees, affiliates, or freelancers to join your payroll program and grant them access to personal cards. After a quick verification, employees can access funds and connect their virtual cards to digital wallets. Learn more about the payroll program here.

The Payments – This section has two parts – Expense Payment and Payroll Payment. With Expense Payment, you can swiftly transfer funds from your main account to a sub-account or card, with the transfer taking seconds and the funds accessible immediately. Payroll Payment serves the same function but distributes funds as single or batch payments to cardholders’ accounts. You can save details to streamline future transactions.

Statement – This section enables you to download receipts for a given period, view transaction history for each account or card, and use filters for added convenience in navigating and preparing receipts. 

Advanced technologies, enhanced design, and elevated experience.

Now, having explored the core components of our infrastructure, let’s delve into the hidden gems of our platform exclusively available to our valued partners.

REST API – Are you interested in automating your payments, enhancing security, or integrating our infrastructure with yours?

Rest assured, we offer an innovative REST API that can accommodate all your needs and more.   

Take a look at our guide here or contact our customer service to get started. 

Affiliate Program – Become a part of our financial revolution and an esteemed brand ambassador, and grow and gain together with us. Sharing is caring 🙂 

To learn more about the affiliate program, you can click here

Multi-currency accounts – can’t decide which currency to use for your day-to-day operations? We say, why spend time guessing and calculating, simply create an account in the preferred currency and enjoy the benefits of smooth multi-currency payments. 

Elevate the experience with style and sophistication. 

Wallester is putting a lot of effort into delivering high-technology solutions and making them easy and convenient to use. We updated our interface so it is: 

  • Easy: Navigate and find all the necessary information about payments, cards, and spending.
  • Simple: High technologies should be easy to use – we say it, and we make it.
  • Handy: Our platform is designed to be convenient for you. You can easily adjust the settings according to your needs, set your own rules or contact our support team for assistance.

Ready to experience the power of Wallester Business for yourself? Join Wallester Business today and simplify your payment needs, gain control, and enjoy the convenience of our user-friendly platform. Whether you’re a business owner, financial professional, or a partner, we have solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Additionally, If you wish to be up to date with all of our latest updates to the Wallester Business Portal, and much more, subscribe to our newsletter by registering to the platform. You can also look through our latest Update Notes (as of November 29, 2023).

Let’s grow together in the financial revolution.

Get started today!

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