Exciting Updates: Redesigned Client Portal for Enhanced User Experience

We are thrilled to share that we’ve rolled out a significant redesign of our client portal, tailored to provide you with a more streamlined, intuitive, and efficient experience.

What We’ve Enhanced:

1. Minimalistic and Clean Style: Our new design boasts a cleaner typography and a refined colour palette, emphasizing a modern and minimalistic approach.

2. Intuitive Structure: We’ve reconstructed the header and sidebar with an even more logical flow, ensuring that your navigation is smooth and your daily tasks are easier to accomplish.

3. Adaptable Sidebar: We’ve upgraded the sidebar to provide a more user-friendly experience on smaller screens, ensuring effortless navigation on devices with limited screen space.

4. Informative Balance Block: Your balance block is now colour-coded, offering an immediate visual cue when funds are low.

5. Efficient Profile Switching: Transitioning between profiles has become more effortless.

6. Consolidated Settings: All settings, including those for users, companies, and more, have been relocated to the top right corner for easy access.

Please, improve your experience!

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