Fast and accurate. How Wallester Business is changing corporate accounting.

Wallester Business is changing corporate accounting.

Working with finance always requires impeccable accuracy and attention. The bigger the business, the higher the cash flow — hence, the higher the responsibility shouldered by the financial department; the price of even the slightest mistake can cost thousands, if not more.

When counting  frames were replaced with the  first versions  of modern computer, specialists started to develop programs that would help accountants to work with big data more efficiently. Thanks to such software, financial department teams create monthly, quarterly, and annual detailed reports clearly showing corporate finance movement.

As financial operations become more complex, together with an excessive diversification of cash flows, multi-currency transactions are required. All these factors lead to searching for much more efficient financial management tools compared to standard accounting programs. To find an optimum solution, we must look closely at the problems accountants face.

Acute financial accounting problems and solutions

In a company, financial department employees solve similar professional tasks, no matter the business sector. It’s about working with big data — detailed information on the expense and income of the company for a given period. Analyzing this data is required to create a detailed report and, if needed, to amend the company’s financial policy.

At first glance, there’s nothing complicated. It seems qualified accountants should be able to cope with routine operations even with closed eyes. However, analyzing cash flows is an incredibly complex and critical procedure. The typical style of work often causes mistakes that impact the finance industry. Incorrect income and expense reports may also lead to severe issues.

Accountants usually have to use several programs and platforms for accounting simultaneously, increasing the risk of making a mistake. Add possible software malfunctions, various file format incompatibilities, and data export delays, and you’ll get an array of issues. Addressing them may sometimes take even more time than managing the finances! It’s precisely for this reason that many companies continue having losses.

Thankfully, there are more positive examples day by day. Modern business representatives who value the opportunities provided by cutting-edge technologies strive to apply them actively. Any company can use innovative solutions for operational purposes. They are straightforward to integrate and convenient at work, while the obtained effect consistently exceeds even the most daring expectations.

Accounting with Wallester Business. Extremely easy & user-friendly

Imagine a platform that can solve any issue related to corporate finance management fast, easily, accurately, and with no side resources needed. This is the functionality that Wallester Business gives to modern companies!

This innovative solution is a whole financial ecosystem consisting of a set of efficient tools aimed at working with transactions and reports, as well as analyzing payment details. Clients are offered both universal and customized products that can be individually adapted to the specific goals and needs of the business. In the frames of a single platform, Wallester Business opens up lots of opportunities for users, including:

  • Functionality to work with any payment data amounts.
  • Detailed expense categorization.
  • The ability to save a detailed report on every corporate payment or request.
  • Access to any payment details in real time.
  • Instant report uploading to the personal account.
  • Financial document exportation and conversion into files of any format.

The solution processes and systemizes unlimited amounts of data on corporate payments for future accounting and analysis, eliminating even the minimum risk of committing an error. Incorrect or incomplete reports also become a thing of the past. All transactions will be taken into account and saved in the system. In other words, those notorious mistakes caused by the human factor will be gone once and for all.

The possibility to conduct any operations and work with any file format on a single platform efficiently tackles another long-standing problem for all accountants. From now on, they won’t have to search for compatible programs – the system transforms and exports the documents in the requested format to ensure maximum convenience at work.

Yet another evident advantage of Wallester Business is affordability. All the key functions of the platform are free of charge! Considering that the solution’s integration doesn’t require significant changes in the current financial infrastructure, the conclusion goes without saying: Wallester Business is a perfect solution to manage corporate finances and streamline financial accounting. The program combines and facilitates all the budget control and allocation processes, income and expense systemization, and managing financial accounting.

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