Wallester Now Powers Placet Group’s Mobile Application

Wallester Now Powers Placet Group’s Mobile Application

We are excited to announce that Placet Group, one of the leading European credit providers, has officially launched a white-labelled mobile application in partnership with Wallester, available in both the Google Play and App Store today!

Placet Group is an Estonian organisation specialising in providing fast and convenient loan services in Estonia and Lithuania. Placet’s passion for technological development makes it stand out from the crowd of traditional credit providers. It was among the first European lending companies to implement VISA credit cards into its product portfolio – a progressive offering powered by the strategic partnership with Wallester.

This credit card program marked the beginning of the long-lasting cooperation between Placet Group and Wallester.

During the launch of the card program with Wallester, it was initially decided that the card managing capabilities would be integrated into the existing application of Placet Group, the development of which was outsourced to a third-party provider a few years prior. The integration was done using Wallester’s REST API, allowing for complete synergy between Wallester’s servers and the previous version of the Placet Group application.

Even though REST API is the preferred method of integration for the majority of Wallester’s partners, it’s not one-size-fits-all, and some would benefit from a different approach. As Placet Group was not in direct control over the development and maintenance of their application, it was sometimes challenging to ensure an adequate user experience for their clients, whether due to technological limitations of the outsourced solution or inefficient communication between the two parties.

With the steady growth of its market share and a sensible shift of preference towards the mobile application as the customers’ primary method of interaction with the service, Placet Group has concluded that a complete overhaul of its mobile application is necessary. To further strengthen its position on the market as an innovative credit provider, Placet Group has decided to proceed with the complete integration into Wallester’s network and ecosystem by launching a white-labelled mobile application with us.

The development of the Placet Group’s white-labelled mobile application was a compelling case for Wallester, as it presented our team with such additional technological challenges as translating the whole application to Estonian, Placet’s national language, and transferring the existing user base of the older application to the new one.

One of Wallester’s primary goals with this project was to make sure that the transition from one app to another was as seamless and effective as possible in the eyes of the end user. People from various departments of Wallester came together, forming a dedicated team with the shared goal of bringing this project to life.

By the end of the development and integration processes, which were completed in two months, Placet Group could replace the outdated applications within the Google Play and App Store. The white-labelled application was released as an automatic update to its predecessor, enabling the sought-after seamless transition between the two.

Placet Group’s new mobile application is now live and available for iOS and Android devices. The app allows Placet Group’s users to easily manage their credit cards and issued loans, view real-time transactions, and much more. Wallester helped Placet Group to take its customer experience to the next level, rivalling the technical capabilities of modern neo-banks. The most notable features enabled with the white-labelled app include the following:

  • Ordering and activating credit cards
  • Ability to set various spending limits (POS, ATM, Contactless)
  • Overview of transaction history and details
  • Closing or freezing of cards
  • Ability to view or change PINs
  • 3D Secure Authentication
  • Biometric Identity Verification (face and fingerprint recognition)
  • Complete digital wallet integration (Apple Pay; Google Pay; Fidesmo Pay; Garmin Pay; Fitbit Pay)

The Placet Group’s application represents the latest addition to our growing portfolio of custom white-labelled mobile solutions, and we are proud to have been chosen to further help our partner reach its standard of customer experience.

To learn more about how you can launch your own white-labelled mobile application with us, visit a “Mobile app” page on our website or contact us directly!

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