RFID Credit Cards

RFID Credit Cards

We all hate to stand in line and wait for our turn to swap our cards and purchase our desired products. Not only is this tedious for buyers, but it can also create challenges for the sellers. But now, RFID credit cards have solved these issues, and they have totally changed the game of making transactions and paying for things.

Now, you don’t even need to swap your card or hand it to anyone to swap it for you.

Wondering how RFID credit card works? Read further to learn about RFID credit cards.

Overview of RFID Credit Card

These credit cards come with groundbreaking radio waves technology. Unlike standard credit cards with magnetic technology, this unique property allows RFID credit cards to send and receive signals from a card reader through radio frequency.

RFID is an advanced technology that requires you only to wave your credit card in front of the card reader. This allows you to purchase things within seconds and minimizes the risk of snatching or forgetting your card in the store.

How to Find Out if Your Card Supports RFID Technology?

Well, it’s pretty easy to know whether you have a high-tech, modern-day credit card or not; just inspect your card. Cards that support RFID technology come with a logo on the back or front, which is similar to a Wi-Fi symbol. This symbol indicates the radio frequency technology incorporated into your card. So, if you notice this symbol, avoid swapping to make payments or handing it to others.

Where is the RFID Chip on My Credit Card?

The RFID credit cards come with a chip that is not visible to the naked eye because its present inside the card. This secures the RFID chip and prevents it from experiencing damage or falls in any incident. Also, no one can take it out and use it for mischievous purposes.

Are RFID Credit Cards Secured?

Simply put, they are safer than your standard cards. They come with an EMV chip and don’t have a risk of data leakages and fraud. These RFID credit cards are designed to transfer data to only your desired credit card reader safely. Additionally, RFID credit cards only transfer required information to prevent disclosing your personal information. Another thing that makes RFID cards more efficient is their one-time password to transfer your money successfully.

How to Prevent Credit Card Theft

Though you need to take a few steps to complete the transaction of these credit cards, some people still worry about theft. Don’t worry. There are a few methods that you can practice even to eradicate your concern and any type of fraud possibility. The following are some tips to protect your RFID credit cards.

Use Aluminium Foil

Wrapping an RFID credit card in aluminium foil is the simplest way to prevent card readers from collecting data from your card. This is because the aluminium foil prevents RFID signals from reaching your card. Aluminium foils are also thin, and you can keep your card in a cardholder or wallet.

Invest in RFID Blocking Wallet

Purchasing an RFID credit card-blocking wallet will ensure the safety and security of your card. Many brands are selling high-quality and beautifully designed wallets. These wallets are usually composed of any type of conducting metal, like aluminium, to protect your card.

Hold RFID Card Tightly in Your Fist

If you pass through an area with several RFID card readers and don’t have a protective wallet, you can hold your credit card in your fists. Wondering why? Your body contains saltwater that prevents RFID signals from passing through your body.


In a nutshell, RFID credit cards are unique high-tech cards that have brought advancement in the banking world. Due to ease and comfort, people have started to use it for several purposes. If you want to protect against credit card theft and leverage a simple and straightforward payment process, start using RFID technology. Start using RFID technology to protect against credit card theft and leverage a simple and straightforward payment process,


Do Debit Cards have RFID?

15 to 20 percent of bank cards feature RFID chips. This means, most probably, your credit card comes with an RFID chip.

How do I get an RFID Card?

You can contact the bank where you have an account and ask them whether they offer credit cards with RFID technology. If yes, you can ask your bank to provide you with an RFID credit card. You need to meet certain requirements and give them some documents similar to what you do with traditional credit cards. Then, you can receive your RFID credit card in a few days.

Are RFID Cards Necessary?

These cards are not necessary. But it’s important to stay updated with the latest transaction technologies and banking methods to make your life easier and simpler.

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