Trip to Riga, Latvia – Wallester Strengthens Relationships

Trip to Riga 1

Wallester recently had a series of successful meetings with its key regional partners in Riga, Latvia. The CEO, Sergei Astafjev, and the COO & CTO, Dmitri Logvinenko, were joined by other team members to discuss and strengthen the company’s partnerships in Latvia.

All of the discussions held were exceedingly insightful and productive. The client onboarding managers, who helped launch existing clients’ card programs, and their account managers demonstrated an even more personal approach by having in-person checkups. The rest of the partners, including potential and strategic, got better acquainted with the partner team, and so did we.

We believe in strengthening our partnerships, as it allows us to better ourselves and our solutions. We want to extend our gratitude to Wallester’s Latvian partners for their generous hospitality and invaluable input during the meeting.


During our trip around Riga, we visited the Latvian office of Altpay. This electronic money institution specializes in issuing innovative in-app virtual cards and multi-currency corporate bank accounts. During the visit, we spoke to Altpay’s CEO, Artjoms Dozorcevs, reviewed our recently launched card program’s performance, and discussed our shared plans for the future.

Dali Dali

Aleksandrs Čerņagins, a Managing Director of Sun Finance Group, welcomed us into Dali Dali’s headquarters, an innovative Buy Now Pay Later service that works with all Latvian retailers and offers Wallester-powered credit cards. Dali Dali gave us valuable feedback regarding our card solution and shared their plans for the coming years.

Lateko Līzings

Lateko Līzings is Latvia’s leading credit provider and one of Wallester’s first clients. Alongside Irina Grabovska, LATEKO’s Product Manager, we have summed up the successes of yet another year of our collaboration and set goals for 2023.

Stay tuned to learn more about the history of Wallester and Lateko Līzings; soon, we will release a detailed overview of our partnership. From the challenges of the implementation process to the analysis of the card program’s successes, the Lateko Līzings case study will present its readers with valuable insight into how modern payment solutions are structured.

VediCard and DelfinGroup

In addition to the partners who have launched a payment card program with us, Wallester also had the opportunity to visit two other prominent companies in the Latvian market. Firstly, we paid a visit to Ludmila Berzina and Indra Kesane of VediCard, a payment, and banking consulting agency, to discuss the future of our partnership to drive growth and innovation in the payment card industry.

Another highlight of the trip was our meeting with Nauris Bloks, Sanita Zitmane, and Aldis Umblejs during our visit to DelfinGroup’s office to discuss the possible start of a payment card program. This meeting represents an exciting opportunity for Wallester to expand its reach and further strengthen its regional presence. We look forward to exploring these possibilities and working with DelfinGroup to bring our shared vision to life.

Our Strategic Partners

Finally, during our three-day trip, we also visited our strategic partners, specifically companies that directly assist us in bringing the best financial solutions to the market. First, we went to the Latvian office of VISA, our card scheme provider, where we had the pleasure of talking to Juris Paegle, reviewing our ongoing projects’ progress, and sharing the companies’ plans for the future. We then met with LPB Bank and IDEMIA, Wallester’s bank and card manufacturer.

Overall, the recent visit to Riga was a definite success for Wallester. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with the Latvian partners and providing the best possible solutions to their customers.


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