PayPugs Partners with Wallester to Launch Virtual Debit Cards

PayPugs is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration arrangement with Wallester to provide its clients with card issuing solutions. PayPugs and Wallester seek to create considerable value for both parties and establish a long-lasting connection via transparency.

Wallester is a white-label credit card issuer and payment service provider that specializes in transaction processing. Wallester is a Visa Principal Member and is licensed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Due to the company’s focus on white-label solutions, it is able to offer best-in-class innovative solutions in an “all-in-one” model, allowing customers to access more than 30 different services, ranging from card issuing, personalization and management to 3D secure integration and fraud surveillance.

PayPugs is a global family of enterprises united by a single goal: to deliver transparent, trustworthy and individualized financial services to people who challenge the status quo. Whether you are a high-risk business seeking a secure bank account or a low-risk firm seeking to make international payments, PayPugs’ tailored personal approach and an array of financial services will enable you to conduct business in a transparent and trusted manner.

Wallester’s particular feature is their own API, which was developed in-house and can be readily linked with any platform, allowing you to simply build your own card program.

From the start, a collaboration between PayPugs and Wallester seemed inevitable. Both organizations place a premium on white-label solutions and personal services.

What benefits would the collaboration bring?

PayPugs may now issue its own multipurpose virtual debit cards with a distinctive design that adapts to diverse business processes by using Wallester’s contemporary, dependable, and convenient technology. PayPugs may easily take the market lead with the pre-built Wallester platform, saving time and money and bringing them one step closer to offering clients a one-stop solution for everything.

Fintech collaborations are critical for the growth of financial services and the quick expansion of markets. It’s an exciting time to partner with Wallester, and we anticipate that our partnership will grow stronger as both firms thrive. Our complementary ideals, such as security, customized solutions, and a customer-centric approach, will ensure that this relationship succeeds.

AIBC Summit

Fantastic news! We’ve just finalised our Malta trip next week for the AIBC Summit, which will be held at Ta’ Qali from November 15-19!This year’s conference has attracted executives from a wide range of industries, and we’re looking forward to meeting them all.The AIBC Summit is a mash-up of global technology, civil society, democracy promotion, and innovation influencers. Anticipate a lively debate regarding the world-changing potential of Blockchain in a variety of industries, including health, entertainment, government, banking, payments, and fintech, among many others.

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