Meeting with AWS: New Opportunities for Growth

Meeting with AWS

Wallester is thrilled to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently paid a visit to our office to discuss the long-lasting partnership between our companies. The meeting with Gianluigi Palka, Account Manager at AWS Baltics, was a great success, with both parties discussing ways to make Wallester’s infrastructure within AWS even more secure and reliable.

To provide context for the importance of the meeting, we refer to our previous article, specifically “Journey of the First Cloud-Born Payment Infrastructure in Amazon for Payment Cards — Wallester.” The article reveals the history of Wallester as one of the first companies in the world to fully develop its infrastructure within the cloud. This innovative approach was achieved through a strategic partnership with Amazon. The collaboration resulted in the developing of one of the most technologically advanced, reliable, and secure turnkey solutions for card issuance and management in the modern market.

Bringing attention back to the meeting in question, it was evident from the start that AWS takes a highly personal approach to all its business partnerships. By coming all the way to our office in Estonia, Tallinn, it was clear that AWS truly values our collaboration and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure its success.

We also discussed the possibility of expanding our partnership beyond technology during the conversation. Specifically, we discussed how AWS and Wallester could work together to gain market exposure and increase the company’s reach. We believe this could be a mutually beneficial opportunity, as it would give AWS a chance to showcase the practical usability of its services to a broader audience while also allowing Wallester to tap into the vast marketing resources and expertise of one of the leading companies in the technology industry.

Furthermore, we were very impressed with the technical knowledge and expertise of Gianluigi Palka from AWS. He provided valuable insights on how we can effectively improve the security, reliability, and cost efficiency of Wallester’s infrastructure. These insights will undoubtedly allow us to deliver better and more stable services to our customers.

Overall, the visit from Amazon Web Services was a great success, and we believe this long-lasting partnership will bring many more benefits for both companies. We are excited to see how this collaboration will develop in the coming months and years!

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