GF Money and Wallester are Launching Visa Cards to Enhance the User Experience in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Spain

GF Money and Wallester are Launching Visa Cards to Enhance the User Experience in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Spain

Successful Collaboration with GF Money: Bringing Flexible Financial Solutions to Europe

We are thrilled to announce another successful collaboration with our esteemed partner, GF Money! Since 2011, GF Money has been a top fintech institution in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, offering a range of flexible financial solutions. At Wallester, we strive to provide advanced technologies to cater to our customer’s needs, and GF Money is no exception.

As a forward-thinking financial organisation, GF Money identified a gap in its offerings and sought to fulfil its customers’ needs by introducing branded consumer debit Visa cards. They recognised that virtual Visa cards would provide a flexible and secure payment option and turned to Wallester for assistance.

At Wallester, we take pride in our expertise and innovative culture, and we were excited to help GF Money develop and launch its branded cards. Our collaboration has allowed GF Money’s customers to experience a seamless and secure payment method, enhancing their overall customer experience.

Global Access to 80+ Million Merchants Worldwide: Wallester’s Exclusive Opportunity with Visa Network

Wallester is excited to have the exclusive opportunity to connect with the Visa network, giving our partners access to over 80 million merchants worldwide. Our partnership with GF Money has allowed its customers to enjoy the convenience and speed of using Visa cards.

Thanks to Wallester’s advanced technologies and innovative culture, GF Money can now offer its customers a user-friendly platform for card issuance, allowing them to open, freeze, and block their Visa virtual cards instantly. Additionally, customers can receive approval and funds directly on their virtual cards, streamlining the loan process for maximum convenience.

Expressing Appreciation for Collaboration: Moving Forward with Improved Financial Services

Our collaboration with GF Money is just the beginning of our journey together. As GF Money strives to become a leading neobank with complete financial services, Wallester remains committed to providing innovative solutions and services to enhance its offerings.

In conclusion, we are thrilled to have enabled GF Money to provide its customers with access to the Visa network and a user-friendly platform for virtual card issuance. We look forward to continuing our partnership with GF Money and helping its team achieve its goal of becoming a leading neobank.


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