Wallester Joins the FFE to Combat Financial Crime

Wallester joins FFE

Wallester is honoured to announce its new membership in the FFE (FinTech FinCrime Exchange), a pioneering community facilitated by FINTRAIL to fight financial crime within the fintech sector.

The FFE serves as a key protection against illicit activities that undermine public trust and cause significant economic damage. The community was established in 2017 by FINTRAIL in response to the urgent need for collaboration between fintechs, financial institutions, law enforcement, and regulators to enhance security and prevent criminal exploitation of new technologies.

Strengthening defences through partnership

The FFE brings together influential leaders across banking, e-money, payments, regtech, and investment. Its members include prominent institutions like Revolut, Starling Bank, Funding Circle, Monzo, etc. By pooling expertise and resources, the FFE facilitates the exchange of financial crime intelligence, coordinates policy initiatives, provides training, and fosters compliance best practices amongst its members.

Joining the FinCrime Exchange aligns perfectly with Wallester’s commitment to integrity and security in all our operations. As a leading financial infrastructure provider enabling card payments, transactions, and data analytics, upholding reliable safeguards and controls is fundamental to our business. We believe the entire fintech ecosystem must work hand-in-hand to create services that both empower innovation and protect consumers.

Innovation meets compliance

Membership in the FFE allows us to collaborate with other innovative fintechs to reinforce defences against money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and cybercrime. We look forward to contributing our technological insights while learning from fellow members’ diverse areas of expertise. By joining the FFE, Wallester affirms our dedication to securely advancing financial services and fighting financial crime on all fronts.

Expanding horizons: Wallester in the UK

In addition, membership in the FFE within FINTRAIL represents a significant milestone as part of Wallester’s expansion into the UK, serving as an introduction to the country’s fintech and regulatory community. As home to Europe’s largest fintech hub, the UK is an important market and fertile ground for partnerships. We look forward to building relationships with fellow FinCrime Exchange members as we grow our presence and deliver innovative payment solutions to more businesses and consumers.

Julian Brand, our UK CEO, expressed his excitement about joining the FFE community within FINTRAIL, emphasising the value of collaboration in combating financial crime and the benefits it brings to both Wallester and the broader industry as we grow our Wallester Business and White-Label products in the UK:

At Wallester, we understand that with innovation comes responsibility. We are proud to further our mission of empowering the future of finance by joining forces with the FFE and its outstanding members. Together, we will set higher security goals to protect consumers and strengthen public trust.

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