Wallester’s Experience at Sthlm Fintech Week

Sthlm Week - Wallester 1

We are thrilled to share that two of our talented colleagues, Kristina Turok and Katerina Kurt, recently had the opportunity to visit Stockholm, Sweden, representing Wallester at the highly anticipated Sthlm Fintech Week conference. The conference provided an excellent chance to broaden our knowledge and understanding of modern fintech while expanding our network by connecting with various influential fintech figures worldwide.

Sthlm Fintech Week is a fantastic annual event that brings together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in the fintech industry to discuss and explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the field. This year’s conference featured several notable speakers and allowed all other participants to voice their opinion in the engaging breakout sessions. The topics covered during the event included RegTech, Web3 technology, blockchain, recent reports on banking services, ecosystem banking, the potential dark sides of fintech, and much more.

The conference provided an excellent platform for Kristina and Katerina to engage with other experts in the industry and exchange ideas on how to address the latest challenges in the fintech space. If we had to name our key takeaway from the conference, it would be the undeniable potential of blockchain and Web3 technology to transform the fintech industry. The aforementioned breakout sessions highlighted the latest developments in blockchain technology and how they can be applied to improve the efficiency and security of financial transactions. Additionally, there were discussions on how Web3 technology is changing how people interact with financial services and how it creates new opportunities for innovation in fintech.

Besides the insightful breakout sessions, Sthlm Fintech Week provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen and expand our network. The conference brought together influential fintech figures worldwide, including some of Wallester’s existing partners. This allowed Wallester to strengthen its existing relationships with its partners and explore potential new collaborations and partnerships.

One of the most important meetings of the Stockholm trip was with Ana Stanojevic, Erik Löfhjelm, and Sarah Verry of VISA, who not only welcomed us at their Sthlm Fintech Week’s stand but also greeted us at their local office before the event. The meeting with VISA allowed us to have a productive conversation about the successes of our mutually-beneficial partnership and its future.

Overall, Sthlm Fintech Week was a priceless experience for Wallester. The conference allowed us to expand our knowledge of the fintech industry and gain valuable insight into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges. Wallester thanks the event organizers and looks forward to attending future Sthlm Fintech Week conferences.

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