Wallester Mission Day: Unveiling a Future of Innovation and Growth.

 Sergei Astafjev CEO & Dmitri Logvinenko CTO/COO of Wallester.

The Wallester Team recently gathered in the heart of Tallinn for a momentous occasion – Wallester Mission Day. This event marked a significant milestone for the company as it brought together top management and employees from various departments. With an international and multicultural workforce, the event fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among the Wallester family.

The day was divided into engaging presentations and showcased each department’s remarkable achievements and ambitious plans. Representatives and department heads took the stage to highlight their accomplishments, providing insights into their specific areas of expertise.

Reflecting on the past year’s achievements, Wallester celebrated numerous milestones that propelled the company forward. Notably, the successful launch of “Wallester Business,” a cutting-edge product, and earning the prestigious title of “Best Expense Management Platform” at the 7th annual FinTech Breakthrough Awards program. Additionally, the company introduced 16 projects through its White Label solution, including a groundbreaking transformation of the pension system in Latvia.

Team Wallester, Dmitri Logvinenko CTO/COO & Fred Sool├Ąte CCO of Wallester.

Wallester’s pursuit of excellence went beyond creating innovative products. Our dedication to security and compliance was evident in achieving the PSI-DSS level 1 certification. Additionally, the establishment of key departments like CRM, Sales, and Compliance improved team operations. The optimisation of AML and Compliance policies further reinforced Wallester’s reputation as a reliable financial institution.

With the team’s continuous growth, Wallester expanded its workforce from 51 members in 2022 to an impressive 108 in 2023. The company’s reach extended further by opening a new office in France. Wallester also demonstrated its commitment to education and community by launching Wallester School, an initiative to empower its members.

However, the highlight of Wallester Mission Day was undoubtedly the inspirational updates from the founders and board members Sergei Astafjev (CEO) and Dmitri Logvinenko (CTO & COO). In Q1 of 2023, we achieved outstanding results, doubling our annual revenue growth and experiencing a fifty-sixfold increase in new client acquisitions compared to the previous year. Furthermore, we successfully maintained 23 ongoing Wallester White Label projects and strategically plan to obtain licenses that will significantly expand our global presence.

The final Sergei Astafjev speech emphasised the incredible contributions made by each individual at Wallester, expressing gratitude for their unwavering dedication. He acknowledged the importance of a happy and fulfilled workforce, recognising that their passion and expertise were instrumental in achieving Wallester’s vision.

“Our team’s dedication and perseverance are the driving forces behind our journey towards becoming a Unicorn,” adds Astafjev. “With our relentless pursuit of excellence, Wallester will continue to innovate, challenge the status quo, and shape the future of finance.”

Under the leadership of the board members, Wallester has achieved groundbreaking milestones, launching innovative products and spearheading transformative projects through its White Label solution. The company’s commitment to growth, expansion into new markets, and cultivating a positive work environment have positioned Wallester for continued success.

Wallester Board Members – Sergei Astafjev and Dmitri Logvinenko & Supervisory Board Member – Aleksandr Kostin

Wallester Mission Day marked the starting point for an exciting and promising future. As Wallester forges ahead, Sergei Astafjev’s message is a powerful testament to the shared vision, unwavering dedication, and immense pride permeating the entire team. Together, we are revolutionising the future of finance one innovative solution at a time.

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