Wallester Announces Their Latest Affiliate Program for Trusted Partners

Affiliate program - Wallester

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Ekaterina Gaychuk, our Lead Affiliate Manager, about the exciting launch of Wallester’s unique affiliate program. Ekaterina, who is responsible for overseeing her growing team of affiliate managers in ensuring Wallester’s efficient communication and individual approach to its potential and existing affiliate partners, shared details about the program and her role in its inception.

However, before discussing Wallester’s affiliate program, it is essential to lay down the foundation and ensure that everyone understands what the set term means.

An affiliate program is a marketing strategy in which a company partners with individuals or organisations to promote its products or services. The affiliate earns a commission for each sale or leads generated from their marketing efforts.

A great affiliate program is defined by a combination of factors that make it attractive for individuals and companies to promote it, such as:

  • A lucrative commission plan
    The ability to earn is crucial to incentivise affiliates to invest their time and resources into promoting the product.
  • A great, in-demand, and advertisable product
    A strong and highly desired value proposition can significantly contribute to an affiliate program’s success.
  • A user-friendly platform
    easy-to-use tools and a transparent reporting system can greatly simplify the process of promoting the product and tracking performance.
  • Effective marketing materials
    CTR banners, emails, and converting landing pages allow for the best results in affiliate partners’ product promotion.
  • A high conversion rate
    A high rate of visitors turned into clients is essential, as it ensures trust in an affiliate program by indicating that the product is well-received by the market.
  • A responsive team of affiliate managers
    Supportive and knowledgeable people on the other end will play a significant role in ensuring the success of the program by helping affiliates to overcome any challenges they may face.

Wallester’s affiliate program ticks all of these boxes, offering one of the most competitive affiliate programs on the market. As Ekaterina put it, “Our affiliate program presents a unique chance for individuals and companies to earn a substantial share of Wallester’s profits by spreading awareness of our company’s products.” Our affiliate partners can choose their own modes of collaborating with Wallester, whether through the fixed payment per successful referral plan or our commission-based plan offering a percentage of the referred client’s card turnover.

The three established modes of affiliate partnership for Wallester Business include:

  • Pay Per Lead
    A performance-based marketing model where affiliates are compensated for each Lead generated. In this model, affiliates are paid a fixed amount, starting from 40 EUR per successful Lead.
  • Revenue Share
    A quality-based marketing model where affiliates receive 0.15% of the turnover from the referred client’s corporate cards throughout the card program’s lifetime.
  • Pay Per Lead + Revenue Share
    A hybrid model merging the best of both worlds, allowing affiliates to earn a 100 EUR fixed commission for each client and an additional share of the card turnover.

Due to the complexity of our other product, Wallester White-Label, modes of affiliate partnership shall be established with one’s dedicated affiliate manager directly.

To make the process as seamless as possible, Wallester has developed its own digital platform for managing the affiliate programs, allowing our partners to gain complete independence, from creating their own referral links to tracking their success with detailed program statistics.

Ekaterina Gaychuk, Lead Affiliate Manager of Wallester

Recognising the benefits of a well-structured affiliate program to all parties involved, including clients, affiliates, and the company itself, Wallester strategically launched its unique, innovative affiliate program. Under the meticulous supervision of Ekaterina, who already had extensive experience working with affiliate partners, the platform was crafted to be “as user-friendly as possible,” cutting out any middlemen between the affiliate and the company, allowing for a more efficient workflow. For additional convenience, there is a Server 2 Server data tracking tool, allowing one to monitor affiliate marketing statistics within the third-party affiliate platform of choice.  

Sergei Astafjev, Co-Founder & CEO of Wallester

We have opened our affiliate program to a wide range of potential partners. From B2B consulting organisations looking to offer added value to their clients to independent individuals running finance blogs, CPA networks, and marketing software producers looking for the opportunity to provide virtual card issuing to their affiliates, anyone can become a part of our affiliate network.

Whether you promote our products through online advertisements, personal suggestions to your client pool, or any other means, the affiliate process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to start earning quickly.

In conclusion, Wallester’s affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals alike to earn real rewards by promoting our innovative financial solutions. With a user-friendly digital platform that accommodates the needs of both companies and individuals, regardless of their level of expertise in affiliate marketing, and a simple, straightforward process for joining, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity to partner with a leading fintech company and start earning today. So, what are you waiting for?

“To get started, simply fill out the form on our dedicated web page https://wallester.com/affiliate-program or reach out to my team or me directly. I’m sure that we will find a way to establish a mutually beneficial partnership!”

Ekaterina Gaychuk, Lead Affiliate Manager of Wallester

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