Unleashing Innovation: Wallester and Striga Join Forces in Revolutionising Crypto and Financial Technologies.

Unleashing Innovation: Wallester and Striga Join Forces in Revolutionising Crypto and Financial Technologies.

Attention European developers! Wallester and Striga have joined forces to offer exceptional services to crypto companies and businesses interested in launching financial products that combine the power of crypto and neobanking. In this exciting collaboration, Striga now provides a range of virtual and physical cards under the Visa Consumer Debit program, expanding its service offerings.

Let’s delve deeper into Striga and why this partnership is a game changer for the crypto industry. With a team that has transitioned from the USA to Estonia, backed by world-class investors like YCombinator, Rhombuz VC, Charlie Lee, Juan Benet, Stillmark, and others, Striga has developed a platform that enables fast and convenient creation of digital wallets, crypto accounts, cards for crypto, banking, and payments infrastructure.

Striga simplifies the process of launching cutting-edge financial products using the combination of traditional banking services with crypto technology. It provides all the necessary tools and licenses for building efficient infrastructures, making it easy for businesses to launch their financial projects within the European Economic Area.

Thanks to Wallester, Striga can now assist its customers in launching Visa Consumer Debit cards, offering both virtual and physical cards with modern branding. This program enhances Striga’s existing offerings, including vIBAN, crypto wallets, and rapid deployment of banking and marketplace infrastructures. Users can easily manage their cryptocurrencies while securely storing, converting, and withdrawing funds according to their preferences.

Through the partnership with Wallester, Striga has achieved remarkable results, delivering a secure and efficient card program that seamlessly manages both fiat and cryptocurrencies. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients for their trust and exciting projects, and we take pride in our contribution to the rapid development of the crypto and banking industry.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Wallester and Striga is reshaping the crypto and financial technologies industry. With Striga’s innovative FinTech solutions and Wallester’s expertise in cards and payment infrastructures, the possibilities for launching cutting-edge products are boundless.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments that will stem from this partnership in the future.


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