Discover the game-changing opportunity for resellers with  Wallester Business - SNKS!🤩

Wallester Business SNKS - Reseller Benefits

Wallester Business SNKS - The next-level teammate for your business😎

Wallester Business is an absolute game-changer for those who live and breathe passion, fashion, and style. Our mission is crystal clear: we're here to supercharge businesses, empower you with cutting-edge technology, and make your work life a breeze.

So, to not waste any time – let's get right into it!

Wallester Business is the future of payment infrastructure, offering endless perks. Picture this: unlimited instant card issuance through our platform or mobile app, lightning-fast payment authorisation, expense tracking made effortless, seamless REST API integration with all your favourite platforms, and next-level personalisation for your payment functions.

Now, here's the kicker! We've cracked the code and found the ultimate remedy for the biggest headaches plaguing resellers across Europe – hidden fees from payment providers and no options for quick transaction authorisation. 

What’s so special about Wallester SNKS? 😏

🤤 Free whitelisting: Pre-approve your chosen websites to help automate those payments and keep your account safe and sound. 

🫢 No more monthly charges: We've pulled the plug on those annoying monthly fees, making your business even more cost-effective.

🫡 Free setup: We're all about delivering the best service without slapping you with extra setup costs.

😁 Flexible card quantities: Need more cards? No problemo! Grab your first 300 cards absolutely free; additional cards are available at just 0.10 EUR per card per month. It's the ultimate way to fine-tune your card count without breaking the bank.

How to get started? 😍

So, how do you get in on the action? It's as easy as pie! 

Register an account, provide your documentation, sail through verification, and voilà – you're in! 

Don't just watch from the sidelines; join the PRO League of resellers with Wallester Business! 

Get in touch with our Wallester Team in case you need support.

Exciting Updates: Redesigned Client Portal for Enhanced User Experience

We are thrilled to share that we've rolled out a significant redesign of our client portal, tailored to provide you with a more streamlined, intuitive, and efficient experience. What We've Enhanced: 1. Minimalistic and Clean Style: Our new design boasts a cleaner typography and a refined colour palette, emphasizing a modern and minimalistic approach. ‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ 2. Intuitive Structure: We've reconstructed the header and sidebar with an even more logical flow, ensuring that your navigation

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