Here and now. Why do businesses choose ready-made payment solutions?

Here and now. Why do businesses choose ready-made payment solutions?

A fast project launch with minimum expenses is a dream for any entrepreneur. However, even with a solid budget, many startups fail to implement an intended business plan promptly and on time. This way, the launch date gets postponed— for weeks, months, sometimes even forever.

Developed companies may also face difficulties introducing new products, thus delaying more ambitious objectives. Still, if the approach to several critical aspects of financial management is changed, it will be much easier for business to level up their growth.

Quality above quantity

Concerning payment solutions for business, it’s vital to note that, as a rule, many specialists work on their development, integration, and servicing separately and rarely— together as one team.

The first team – contractors – creates a product that meets all your requirements. The second team integrates it into the financial system of your business, trying to maintain the initial functionality. The third team will support the standard product functioning, considering all potential drawbacks left from previous stages.

Such situations are relatively everyday for companies that don’t have to hire narrow specialists in-house to create and perfectly adapt the payment product to business goals. To avoid depending on highly qualified contractors, opting for more efficient, comprehensive approaches to payment solution integration is more logical.

Innovations that make a difference

Companies working in the fintech industry know the critical needs of modern business better than anyone. Here is an essential well-known list:

✅ Easy and convenient financial flow control

✅ Transparent interactions with partners and suppliers

✅ Maximum billing and accounting automation

✅ Optimised payment processing

Some entrepreneurs tend to collaborate with banks and other financial organisations, applying solutions. They see this option as fundamental and preferable. Yet the terms and conditions imposed by universal banks are often far from beneficial for business: in this game, banks set the rules. Besides, financial organisations can’t provide the level and scale of services fintech companies can offer.

Cutting-edge open banking technologies allow effortless integration with a fintech platform that offers its resources to other companies and creates tools for a quick launch and intensive upscaling. At the same time, the grade of integrating such solutions is defined by business owners, aligned with their current objectives—no need to change the existing business structure or raise considerable funds.

That’s why more and more modern companies shift from previous financial system principles to innovative, comprehensive solutions that can offer turnkey solutions to business goals.

Efficient solutions for business development

Our company specialises in integrating white-label solutions to help clients issue their own virtual and physical Visa cards and connect them to contactless payment services (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay). The white-label service package by Wallester also includes launching a branded mobile app with iOS and Android support to make payments, control transactions, and manage the cards.

A ready-made card solution can be smoothly integrated into any IT system via an advanced API with an intuitive interface. In contrast, a convenient CRM system efficiently processes real-time payment data. Additional custom-made services — for instance, automated accounting systems or bonus programs —are integrated with high precision in just a few clicks, ensuring complete achievement of the client’s targets. Apart from that, Wallester can provide companies with services outside the reach of many banks, including fraud monitoring, 3D-Secure, KYC/AML, and other personalised services.

And now, let’s get back to basic business needs and see how they can be successfully addressed:

✅ Easy and convenient financial flow control— detailed information on all transactions available in real-time.

✅ Transparent interactions with partners and suppliers — an innovative platform prevents «grey» operations.

✅ Top billing and accounting automation — integrated services can replace an accounting department, solving a long-standing problem of human factors.

✅ Optimised payment processing — paying for goods or services can be processed through physical cards via POS terminals, virtual cards online, and contactless payments via a mobile app.

The message is clear: modern business needs easy and efficient solutions that don’t require time-consuming integration or servicing. And such solutions already exist – what’s more, they are entirely ready for use! With their help, your business will stay highly competitive and reach a brand-new development level.


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