How to streamline your online media buying using virtual cards

How to streamline your online media buying using virtual cards

Physical payment cards are ahead of virtual ones worldwide regarding utilization capacity. However, this gap is rapidly narrowing. Payment products with no physical carrier are multi-faceted, which can be seen in such areas as online shopping. When it comes to mass payments, the supremacy of virtual cards over physical ones is almost absolute.

Let’s see some real-life cases.

Challenges and solutions

A marketing agency manages dozens of client campaigns, purchasing advertising on Google Ads and Facebook with physical cards. Both platforms offer functionality with precise targeting settings and ad efficiency analytics for further optimization. Following the right approach, many campaigns can be successfully launched.

Yet, allocating a considerable ad budget implies several difficulties. The issue is that Facebook and Google only accept card payments for ad services, restricting advertisers with small credit limits. As a result, many cards are needed, which causes multiple inconveniences when working with physical carriers. If a card is compromised, it must be canceled, and a new one must be ordered. This process takes time, while ad campaigns are forced to be put on hold. Additionally, traditional cards can’t be adjusted to limit ad placement expenses. Finally, a card may simply be frozen when reaching a set credit limit.

Mass-issued virtual cards with dynamic expense control represent an efficient solution in this case. With their help, you can purchase thousands of ad spots for client campaigns while easily staying on top of all transactions in real time.

A specialist in traffic arbitrage serves a significant number of personal accounts on ad platforms. He used to farm bank cards, issuing hundreds of plastic cards in any bank. When virtual cards emerged, a specialist in traffic arbitrage switched to using those instead.

However, payment security issues appeared. Virtual cards can be issued via many services. Yet, most won’t pass a security check by Google and Facebook and won’t be accepted as a payment solution for ad profiles, as all big and reputable media platforms block financial operations through doubtful sources.

Here’s a solution — mass-issued virtual cards by a licensed issuer with an impeccable reputation. This way, security checks on Google and Facebook can be passed successfully, dedicating an individual card to every ad campaign.

Wallester Business virtual cards — a perfect solution for online media buying

It used to seem unbelievable, yet nowadays, any marketing agency can instantly issue unlimited virtual VISA cards to launch ad campaigns. Anyone specializing in media buying on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and other popular platforms requires mass-issued payment products without physical carriers.

Previously, advertising agencies used one physical card to manage multiple client campaigns. This card was used by all employees simultaneously, being inconvenient for making individual payments and expense control. With Wallester Business, this problem is now in the past, thanks to a turnkey solution allowing you to manage any number of ad campaigns with maximum simplicity, comfort, and safety!

Mass-issued virtual cards are in high demand if you:

●   Place advertising on Facebook.

●   Work in online traffic arbitrage.

●   Lead partnership marketing.

●   Use Google Ads.

●   Work with Tik-Tok service.

●   Run a high-risk business.

Multi-functional Wallester Business platform lets you instantly issue unlimited virtual VISA cards to purchase and manage thousands of online ad campaigns simultaneously. You can activate the cards to purchase advertising as soon as they are issued. It is guaranteed that Facebook, Google will accept them, and other popular media platforms!

Every client campaign budget can be managed with an individual virtual card, greatly simplifying budget control. Wallester Business functionality provides for setting individual card limits, considers ad campaign parameters, and notifies about every transaction in real-time. A multi-functional platform is integrated via cutting-edge REST API, while a user-friendly client interface lets you work with the platform on any device.

Wallester Business can be rightfully considered one of the most efficient solutions for mass-issued virtual cards used for online media buying. A multi-functional platform facilitates budget management in media buying, no matter the number of launched campaigns, and allows media buying promptly and with maximum comfort.


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