Streamline expense verification as a step towards more efficient corporate finance management

Streamlining the approval process for expenses

One of the essential conditions for stable business functioning is flawless financial performance. Your company can’t be successful if you don’t control 100% of corporate expenses. For this reason, the executives and CFOs try to pay maximum attention to such an aspect of business activity as expense verification.

Unfortunately, the finance departments of many modern companies still use outdated expense management methods at work. These approaches are quite effective; however, they are time-consuming and largely dependent on the human factor. Let’s take a closer look.

Critical problems of corporate expense verification and the importance of solving them

All corporate-oriented expenses are subject to mandatory accounting and systematisation. The payment verification process is a standard financial practice requiring a specific payment to be confirmed by a responsible employee other than the person making the payment. In other words, it is a set of predefined rules for each corporate expense, determining who should analyse and verify it in the company.

At first glance, everything is straightforward, but expense verification is a lengthy procedure in real life. The employees have to wait weeks before being reimbursed. The managers have to wait till the end of the calendar month to get a clearer picture of corporate spending to be reported. The preparation and approval of financial documents are also time-consuming. This is a vivid example of one of the outdated approaches to corporate spending management that should be abandoned.

Due to these bureaucratic nuances, many newcomers to business usually opt to get by with “little blood” – not by optimising the payment operations, but by trying to deal with this task using available resources. Yet after a while, they face some difficulties:

  • Insufficient transparency of financial flows
  • Loss of optimal control over all corporate payments
  • The noticeable complications of financial accounting
  • Incorrect costs and errors in invoices
  • Fraud and waste

At the heart of all these financial struggles lies the human factor and mismanagement of finances. Therefore companies’ problems will only worsen if no practical solutions are implemented. Fortunately, modern business already knows how to manage without complex formal procedures and wasteful use of working time.

Solutions for complete financial control

A great example is the solution by Wallester Business, which easily integrates into an existing corporate accounting system. Thanks to its comprehensive functionality, it can be adapted to any business goal. Let’s look at the options Wallester Business can offer your company regarding expense management.

Expense verification automation

The previously mentioned reimbursement of already processed corporate expenses and the pre-approval of payment requests can be automated. Such an approach saves you a lot of time, providing a proper level of transaction security and necessary cash flow control.

In the Wallester Business solution frames, company employees use corporate cards to make business-related purchases. The budget and spending policy dictate the funds available to each employee.

If a transaction requires prior approval, the manager or other authorised employee receives an instant notification for prompt evaluation and payment request approval.

Virtual corporate cards

Being on top of corporate spending becomes extremely simple if the employees use virtual cards for business-related purchases. This is true for one-time transactions involving a fixed amount or, for instance, regular payments in the frame of a long-term team project.

The project managers can customise the budgets allocated to each team member and each spending area using prepaid cards. A sales manager can set a monthly business travel budget, considering the team’s increased needs in business travelling. The CMO can set up a monthly advertising budget, allowing the employees to spend corporate funds in predefined areas without further approval.

A single platform for expense control

Monitoring and verifying corporate spending can be effortless and fast, thanks to the modern functionality ensured by Wallester Business.

The platform provides real-time access to all expense details, collecting and systemising this data in one place convenient for regular admission. The managers and employees of the financial department can analyse the expenses already made and plan for those current and upcoming.

Automated accounting

The most challenging moment in financial accounting is collecting paper checks and receipts confirming the expenses. Wallester Business makes this eternal problem obsolete, offering a cutting-edge solution instead. To ensure the payment, an employee can take a photo of the check or receipt and upload it to the application. The program will do the rest, saving time and excluding fraudulent activities.

The Wallester Business solution becomes a lifeline for companies drowning in payment data flows and still running corporate finance management by outdated standards. A multifunctional program with easy integration and rich customisable functionality automates the expense verification process and other routine operations, saving time and money and ensuring the security and transparency of corporate payments.

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