Directly to the moon: a perfect launch pad for tomorrow’s unicorns.

Directly to the moon

The initial period of company building is often compared to preparing a rocket for launch: to get a business running or see a sky-rocketing SpaceX launch, lots of effort and funds are required. How many sleepless nights and financial resources are to be spent to attain the targets depends only on an entrepreneur’s ambitions or on a spaceship trajectory calculation.  

In a modern business environment, the startup’s success depends on the conditions it’s placed in, and the companies applying an efficient auxiliary infrastructure tend to be more competitive. If we are talking about the space industry, a reliable launch set for a young startup can be an «all-in-one» financial ecosystem with vast opportunities to develop any business.

Key tasks startup business owners have to solve

A young company’s budget is often strictly limited. That’s why rigorous expense monitoring becomes a critical condition for building a successful startup. All administrative, representative, and business travel expenses must be reconsidered, with every payment being promptly noted.

Partnership relations with other companies from the same industry or related sectors and interactions with clients, suppliers, counter agents, and contractors also play a vital role. High-quality accounting is critical to ensuring a partnership is credible and mutually beneficial. No matter the reason, delayed payments are unacceptable for a solid business.

As the company develops, the staff needs to be increased, meaning issuing many corporate cards is required. Nowadays, branded plastic and virtual cards and a mobile app for payment operations are essential for a reputable business and a startup with high potential.

These are just a few of the most acute problems young business owners face. As the startup passes to the next stage, the entrepreneurs must deal with many other equally crucial tasks influencing future company success. Luckily, efficient solutions capable of greatly facilitating startup building with high potential and streamlining the financial management of an existing business are already here.

Innovative solutions for efficient company development

A company can find the most powerful way of eliminating a problem if its solutions are practice-oriented rather than just theory-based. A dentist or a bus driver won’t be calculating a complex rocket trajectory. Thus, creating the most efficient business solutions is intended for those who require such solutions for their own successful performance.

The Wallester Business financial ecosystem clearly illustrates a payment solution that belongs to the «created by businesses for businesses» category. This all-in-one solution takes into account the needs of a modern startup and can be individually tuned to the specific requests of any business.

  • Issuing corporate cards 💳

Wallester Business opportunities allow for the timely issuance of physical cards with an IBAN account and virtual cards that can be used to carry out payments immediately after being issued.

  • Full expense control

Platform functionality allows setting individual limits on corporate cards and monitoring all transactions in real-time.

  • Payment confirmation 💲

A Wallester Business client with due rights can instantly confirm or decline the employees’ requests for corporate payments.

  • Invoicing 🧾

Accounting management has become highly convenient. The invoices can be uploaded and processed via an app or financial accounting software.

  • Detailed expense reports 📝

With Wallester Business, clients can access detailed information on all corporate expenses. The data is impeccably systemized to arrange analytics with maximum convenience.  

  • Corporate budget control 📊

The software can be easily integrated into the existing corporate financial management for more efficient and transparent use of accounting tools.

  • Online media buying 📢

With Wallester Business, you can instantly issue unlimited virtual cards with purchasing advertising. The cards successfully pass the filters on the most popular media platforms and simultaneously allow you to lead thousands of ad campaigns.  

It’s hard to imagine a better-fitting auxiliary infrastructure for rapid company growth than Wallester Business. A holistic approach to addressing critical issues at a high-potential startup is efficient enough for business owners to focus on developing and scaling instead of fixing financial problems. Moreover, the Wallester Business ecosystem remains functional even after your company succeeds.


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