Corporate cards — an efficient financial tool of modern business

Corporate cards — an efficient financial tool of modern business

Gone are the days when company employees used corporate cards only for business trips and entertainment expenses. Today things are quite different. A modern corporate card is a multifunctional payment instrument with a wide range of options — both for a holder and the head of a company.

According to existing terminology, a corporate payment card is a non-cash payment for company employees’ business expenses. Using a corporate card, you can make any payments except for paying contracts and receiving wages. A corporate card is issued for a corporation (company), meaning that the business entity, not the business owner personally, is legally responsible for all payments made with the card.

The following types of corporate cards can be both physical and virtual:

💳 Debit – in this case, the organization’s or individual entrepreneur’s funds are used

💳 Credit – the money in the account belongs to the bank

💳 Prepaid – the money is placed onto the card account in advance

Once a company opens a corporate account, it is responsible for paying the balance in full in each billing cycle and managing each cardholder’s spending. At the same time, the company, not the cardholder, receives all rewards the program provides.

Corporate payment cards may provide certain benefits, such as cash discounts and frequent-flyer miles. However, the most significant advantage of this payment instrument is that individual employees can use their own cards to cover their work-related business expenses. This significantly improves the efficiency of managing business expenses of any modern corporation.

Benefits of corporate cards

Next, we will consider the key advantages of modern corporate cards. This short list of the main options will be the decisive argument in favour of such a choice.

Rapid business scaling

Companies often have to spend a lot of money to turn a profit. Corporate credit cards help you quickly fund items such as inventory, technical equipment, or new technology. This is important for both start-ups and existing corporations wishing to launch a new product. Quick access to cash gives much-needed flexibility to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Simplification of payments

Companies can easily make purchases locally or internationally using a corporate credit card. As the pace of credit card adoption increases, cross-border transactions are becoming much easier and faster than traditional payment methods such as bank transfers. It is often easier to use a corporate credit card when shopping online. Finally, using a corporate credit card for business-to-business (B2B) transactions can benefit supplier relationships, as they are faster than other payment options.

Convenient cost control

Companies can set up spending controls through their corporate credit card issuer to streamline financial management. A package of individual settings may include limits on days and times of payment, transaction amounts, and purchase or supplier categories. Flexible settings of the corporate program help to solve the problem of excessive or unauthorised spending effectively.

Optimisation of travel and entertainment expenses

Corporate credit cards provide greater transparency and control over spending, reducing the chances of employees overspending or committing fraud. Digital access to corporate credit card accounts provides managers with a level of transaction detail that supersedes paper receipts, and employee spending can is automatically tracked and updated.

Business perks

Many corporate credit programs allow businesses to receive rewards for their spending. Depending on the financial turnover, the benefit can be significant. Rewards are redeemable through cashback, bonuses, or frequent-flyer miles. Modern corporate programs allow you to choose rewards that suit the company’s expenses.

In modern business realities, corporate payment cards are efficient tools that can be useful in many aspects of a company’s activities. Many successful corporations have already appreciated the benefits of using corporate cards by implementing them into their financial systems.

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